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NOTE: If you came here looking for Logcheck, it has been removed from this site as it is once again a maintained product.

In their acquisition of Psionic Software, Cisco removed from the sight of a lot of people a very handy program for monitoring the security of Unix-based servers, called PortSentry. In keeping with the original license of this program, it is available here for download.


PortSentry 1.1
Port scan monitoring and protection tool
TGZ Source Download

MD5 Checksum

782839446b7eca554bb1880ef0882670  portsentry-1.1.tar.gz


This software is merely hosted here at There should be no assumed meaning that it is supported by us (bug reports, tech support, etc.). If you need help with this program, Google is one of many great ways to find help from others that have used, and still use it.

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