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upIRC (Palm OS)
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Awards and Recognition

Nominated for Best IM Program in the 2004 Technopalm Awards

Sites with reviews

"...for those that use IRC as a chat client then I do not think you can go far wrong."

User Testimonials

"I am a long time user of IRC (more than 10 years now) and first used PalmIRC, but that is a REALLY horrible program! :) So when I tried apIRC I was very surprised to see how well it was written and how good it ran!" - P. Yorke

"After 3 mins of evaluation use, I saw the value of your product."
"I have reg versions of ChatIRC and PalmIRC and yours kicks arse in a big way! Keep up the good work :)"

- Don M.

"Your program really is head and shoulders above the other Palm IRC programs :-)" - Geoff H.

"GREAT JOB. KEEP IT UP. A+++++++++++++++++++++++"
- Hovannes K.

"upIRC is a very kickass product, and I use it daily while riding to work on the bus. Thanks for creating a truely great Palm IRC client!"
- Mike H.

"Probably the best IRC program for the Palm, bar none."
- Nicole L.
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