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upIRC (Palm OS)
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This form allows configuration of the various lists of database items, mainly used for shortcut menus in upIRC, and is accessed from the signon form. To exit the setup form, tap the arrow button in the lower-left corner. The current types of items (and fields that apply to each) are:

Servers: Items for the server selection dialog (name, port, password)
Channels: Items for the channel shortcut menu (name, key/password)
Shortcuts: Items for the shortcut menu (name, command)
Ignore: List of nick/address masks being ignored, also maintained with the /ignore command
Perform: List of commands to perform on connection to an IRC server (command)


Add - Add a new item to the current list
Edit - Edit the currently selected item
Delete - Delete the currently selected item

Perform Command List

This list, which is part of the setup form, allows one or more commands to automatically be executed when a connection is made to an IRC server. Commands must be preceded with a slash ("/"), like they are in the IRC session form. This command character is not automatically added or assumed. The same variables that are available for the shortcut menu may also be used here.

The unique aspect of this list is the fact that the items can be reordered, making maintenance of the list easier than it would be otherwise. The up and down arrows in the lower right corner of the form move the currently selected item up or down in the list.

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