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upIRC (Palm OS)
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upIRC, just like any other IRC client out there, supports chatting either in channels with others or privately with another user. It uses separate display windows for each channel and private conversation, to keep them separate and easy to follow. To send a message in any window except for "General", just enter something in the input field that doesn't begin with a slash (which designates a command).


To join a channel, use the /join command or the channel shortcut menu. A window will be created for the channel and will be switched to automatically. To leave a channel, use the /part command or tap the Close button when the channel is selected.

There are several menu options that become usable when you are in a channel. Check the GUI reference for more information on these.

Private conversations

To open up a private conversation with someone else, use the /query command. This will open a query window for you to talk to that user and take you to it. If someone sends you a private message, a query window will automatically open but will remain in the background... you must switch to it yourself.

You may also open a private conversation with someone in a channel just by tapping on their nickname in the display window. A /query command with their nickname will be inserted in the input field... all you have to do is hit Send to complete the command. If there is already a command in the input field, or if you tap the nickname of the other side in a private conversation, only the nickname is inserted.

DCC (Direct Client Connection) chatting

DCC chatting is generally more secure (and usually involves less lag) than normal IRC chatting because it involves a direct connection between two IRC clients instead of going through the IRC server network. Only the initial chat request is sent through an IRC server. You may either initiate or receive DCC chat sessions with upIRC. To end a DCC chat session, tap the Close button when the chat window is selected.

Intiating a DCC chat session
Use the /dccchat command to start a DCC chat session with another user. A window will be created with their nickname, preceded by an equals sign ("=") to differentiate it from a normal query window. When the user accepts the request, you will be notifed and can start chatting via the DCC connection. If a request is not accepted after 5 minutes, it is automatically cancelled.

Receiving a DCC chat request
When another user sends you a DCC chat request, a window will be created just as if you sent the request, but the Send button will instead be labeled Chat. Tap that button to accept the chat request, or tap the Close button to reject it.

Copying text to the clipboard

To copy text from the IRC display area, swipe the stylus across one or more lines. The selected lines will flash momentarily with reverse video, and the text will be copied to the clipboard. To allow for accidental strokes, copying can be aborted by moving the stylus outside the display area before lifting it.

Notification messages

If you are in one display window and a message gets displayed in another, you will get a notification of the form:

[Activity in windowname]

This will alert you that something is going on in the specified display window. You may tap on this notice to switch to the window named in the message.

There are also various options for audible notification. You can find these in the preferences form.

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