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upIRC (Palm OS)
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upIRC supports command completion for supported commands in the chat screen input field. For example, if you enter "/j", the program will fill in "/join #" with all but the first 2 characters highlighted. This saves Graffiti® strokes when inputting commands.

The following is a list of basic commands supported by upIRC. More commands are supported for command completion than are listed here... what's missing are IRCop-only and rarely used server-related commands.

User Commands

/nick nickname
Change your current nickname to something else

/mode nickname [+|-]{o|s|w|i}
Change various user modes for yourself:
  • o - IRC Operator
  • w - Receive "wallops" (operator broadcasts)
  • s - Receive server notices
  • i - Invisible mode

/quit [message]
Exit IRC, with an optional message

/msg nickname message
Send a private message to another user

/whois nickname
Get information about a user that is currently online

/whowas nickname
Get information about a user that was recently online

/away [message]
With a message, sets you as being "away"
Without a message, clears your "away" status

/query nickname [message]
Open up a "query" window to privately chat with someone, optionally sending a message at the same time

/ctcp nickname command
Send a client request to another user:
  • VERSION - Find out what version of what client someone is using

/ping nickname
Find out the lag time between you and another user

/dccchat nickname
Initiate a DCC chat session with another user

/ignore [+|-]nickname[!user@host]
Ignore all events from users matching specified nick/user/address. Wildcard characters (* = one or more characters, ? = one character) are accepted.

Channel Commands

/join #channel [key]
Join a channel (using a key, if the channel has one set)

/mode #channel [+|-]{o|v|t|b|m|p|s|n|i|l|k} ...
Change various modes on a channel:
  • o - Give or take channel operator status
  • v - Give or take "voice" in a moderated channel
  • b - Ban users from entering the channel
  • t - Only channel operators may change the topic
  • m - Moderated channel
  • p - Private channel
  • s - Secret channel
  • n - No messages allowed from outside the channel
  • i - Invite-only channel
  • l - Set/remove a channel user limit
  • k - Set/clear a channel key (password)

/part #channel
Leave a channel

/topic #channel [topic]
Set or view the topic of a channel

/names #channel
Get the list of users in a channel

/list #channel
List one or more active channels

/invite nickname #channel
Invite someone else to a channel

/kick #channel nickname [comment]
Kick someone out of a channel, with an optional comment

/who #channel
List the users in a channel (more information than /names)

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