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upIRC (Palm OS)
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Signon Form

This is the form that first appears when upIRC is started. To connect to an IRC server, enter your desired nickname, server and port, then click on the Connect button to connect to the server you entered. Some IRC servers also require a password, so a field is provided for that as well.


Connect - Starts a connection to the specified IRC server
Setup - Switches to the setup form
Servers - Opens a dialog for selecting from the server database. When a selection is made, the server, port and password fields will be populated from the database record.

Options Menu

Modem Prefs - Switches to the Palm OS Modem Preferences panel
Network Prefs - Switches to the Palm OS Network Preferences panel
Preferences - Switches to the preferences form
Copy server to DB - Adds to or updates the server database with the current IRC server information

IRC Session Form

This form is shown while there is an active connection to an IRC server. It supports multiple display "windows", selectable from the upper right of the form. The window named "General" is used for status and error messages from the server. There is also a battery meter here, so that busy chatters can keep an eye on their battery life without leaving or using any special software.

For input, there is a field at the bottom, as well as selector triggers for accessing the channel and shortcut databases. These databases can be maintained using the setup form.


Close - Closes the current window and, if applicable, leaves the current channel. This button is hidden when the "General" window is selected.
Send - Retrieves any text from the input field and either sends it to a user or channel, or interprets it as a command. The "enter" Graffiti stroke serves this same function.

Chat Menu

Toggle Logging - (Registered version only) Turns logging on or off for the current window
Disconnect - Ends the IRC server connection and returns to the signon form

Channel Menu

The options in this menu are only effective when a channel window is selected.

User List - Pops up a form listing the users in the current channel, allowing various actions to be performed
Channel Info - Pops up a form allowing channel modes and topic to be edited
Ban List - Pops up a form listing active bans in the channel
Add to DB - Adds to or updates the channel database with the current channel

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