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upIRC (Palm OS)
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The preferences forms allow setting of several options that deal with the look and functionality of upIRC. They need not be touched at all to make use of upIRC, but can be used to customize things to your liking. They may be accessed from the signon form, in the Options menu. To return to the setup form, click the arrow button in the lower-left corner of the form.

Connection Options
Name - The "real name" used when connecting to an IRC server. It can be your real name or anything else.
Email - This is your email address, again real or imagined. The username part of it is used by the ident server.
Close PPP Connection - This option tells upIRC to always, never or to ask whether it should close the network connection when the server connection is lost.
Enable Ident Server - Setting this option enables the built-in ident server, which is required by some IRC servers.
Disable self-flood protection - This option disables the built-in protection against flooding yourself off of the IRC server.

Display/Sound Options
Show notices in current window - Normally, any notices received from the server or other users will be displayed in the General window. This option causes them to display in the current window as well.
Show user addresses - This option causes the addresses of users to be display when they join or part a channel, or exit IRC.
Message timestamps - This option causes a timestamp, of the format HH:MM, to be displayed with each message displayed.
Show message numerics - For numeric messages from the server, a prefix of "***" is normally displayed. This option causes the numeric code to be displayed in its place.
Show ops/voiced in channel - This option causes a @ (op) or + (voice) to be added to users' nicks in the channel display when they speak.
Beep on private message - Beep whenever a private message is received. upIRC will beep at most every 5 seconds, regardless of the speed of incoming messages.
Beep on channel message - Beep whenever someone speaks in a channel you are in.
Only if not current window - Combined with one of the other beep options, upIRC will only beep if the activity that would trigger a beep is not in the current window.

Channel Event Options
This form allows routing of certain channel event messages to the channel window, the General window, or to hide them completely from view.

Color Options
For color devices, this form allows customization of colors used in the IRC session display. To change the color of a certain class of messages, select a message class from the list and select the color from the selection trigger.

Display Font
This form allows selection of the font used in the IRC session display. If you have any FontHack-compatible fonts installed, they are also listed and can be used.

Command Options
Up/down buttons select window - When checked, this option causes the up/down buttons on your device to select between display windows. Otherwise, they will scroll the current display window.
Command auto-completion - When checked, completion of most common commands is enabled while chatting.
Query command on nick tap - When checked, tapping a nickname in a channel window causes a /query command to be inserted into the input field if it is empty. Otherwise, the nickname is inserted, followed by a colon character.
Extra command set - (registered version) This option selects an additional, network-specific set of commands for auto-completion.
Increase keyboard polling - When enabled, this option compensates for problems with certain attachable keyboards having sluggish performance with upIRC. It may also reduce battery life by a small amount, so only enable it if you need to.

Logging Options
This set of options is available only in the registered version of upIRC.
Automatically log cannels - When checked, channel activity will automatically be logged.
Log to VFS memory card - When checked, display text will be logged to a text file on a memory expansion card, instead of to a DOC database in your device. The text file will be written to the first writable memory card found when upIRC starts, in the directory "/PALM/Programs/upIRC".

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