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upIRC (Palm OS)
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Using the database setup form, you may create a list of command shortcuts that can be used while chatting. Each shortcut has a name (short description) and the command that it represents. When you select a shortcut from the menu, the matching command will be placed in the input field of the chat screen. You may then edit as needed or just tap the Send button to execute the command.


The shortcut system supports a set of variables that can be placed in the shortcut's command text. The following is a list of currently supported variables, to which more will be added in later versions.

$me  Your current nickname
$win  Name of current window (usually channel/nickname)
$lastinv  Name of last channel you were invited to
$lastmsg  Nickname of user that you last received a private message from


You may also control what part of the command line is highlighted, by using the @ character. If you need to preserve the @ character in the command, precede it with a backslash ("\") character. Because of that, if you need to insert a backslash in the command, you need to double it up ("\\").

If you want to position the cursor at a certain location in the command without selecting text, use "@@". If you do not specify where the cursor or selection should be, it will be placed at the end of the command.

Appending Shortcut Text

The text of a shortcut menu item can be be appended to text already in the input field instead of replacing it, which is the default. To do this on a per-shortcut basis, enter a carat ("^") character at the beginning of the shortcut text.


Join invited channel => /join $lastinv
Invite user => /invite @@ $win
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