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upIRC (Palm OS)
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Palm OS

upIRC (back to top)

What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, and is a worldwide multi-user chat system. You can freely create or join "channels" (sort of like virtual rooms, usually with an associated topic) and chat with others, or chat privately with other users.

The IRC protocol is completely open, invented by a Finnish student in 1988 and published in 1993. There have been several updates and improvements to it since then.

For more information, check the links page for both technical and user-level documents.

Where can I find a list of IRC servers?

Check the links page. There are links there to a couple of known IRC server lists.

How can I get a list of channels?

You can get this while connected to IRC with the /list command, but on most major IRC networks there are a LOT of channels (numbering in the thousands). If you try this command on one of those networks, then you're liable to lose your connection because of the flood of data coming back to you.

To keep you from shooting self in the foot, so to speak, by doing that, the the /list command in upIRC requires a filter for the list of channels asked for. If you insist on a list of all channels, you may use "#*" as that filter.

Check the links page for channel listing services on the web.

How do I change the name for the ident server?

The name that gets used for the ident server is based on the email entered in the preferences form. If you enter "", then the name "joe" gets used by the ident server. If no email address is entered, "upirc" is used as a default name.

Can I use an external keyboard with upIRC?

This depends entirely on your hardware. The main problem is that, on most Palm OS devices, there is internally only one serial port, and both the keyboard and your modem or network card are trying to use that serial port.

There are a few documented exceptions:

  • Handspring Visor series device with the Handspring Springboard modem - The modem contains its own serial hardware
  • TRG Pro with a CompactFlash modem

With some other devices (such as those that use the DragonBall VZ chip), it may possible to use the infrared port to communicate using a compatible phone or modem while using a keyboard.

upIRC disconnects when I switch to another app... why?

Why does upIRC do this when apps like AIM and ICQ clients don't? Simple... it's because of the way that the IRC protocol works. An IRC server will periodically check a connection that is quiet (which it will be if you're in another app on a Palm OS device) and, if it doesn't get a response, it will close the connection. This leaves you outside of any channels you might have been in, and others will definitely be aware of your leaving and why.

ICQ and AIM both control the clients and servers involved in their instant messenger services and can make allowances if a connection is quiet for a period of time, while typically an IRC client developer doesn't have that kind of control. That's the reason that those other IM applications can seem to still be connected if you switch to another app and switch back. If they do in fact lose the connection to the server (which is a real possibility), then it's relatively painless to reconnect and pick up where it left off. The servers might even be aware of a Palm OS client and be able to make allowances for that.

The ident server doesn't work and/or I'm having problems sending DCC requests. Can anything be done?

This can be for several reasons, not all of which can be gotten around. The top ones are:

  • Lack of device support - Some devices for connecting to a network or ISP apparently do not support server sockets with TCP/IP and, if asked, will admit to this. This kind of support is necessary for ident and sending of DCC requests to work.
  • NAT router between PDA and IRC server - If a NAT (network address translation) router (such as a home broadband router) is between your PDA and the IRC server that you are connecting to, in most cases the router does not know to route incoming connections to your PDA. This can be resolved with port forwarding, if you are in control of the router. The port that the ident server uses is 113, and the port that DCC uses is currently determined solely by Palm OS (it picks an available one to use).
  • Lack of real server support in Palm OS - The TCP/IP support in Palm OS is apparently geared more toward clients than servers, and the ident and outgoing DCC functionality are both dependent on the ability to act as a server. When TCP/IP support in Palm OS becomes more robust, this problem will go away.

Any chance of an option to suppress the MOTD?

That all depends on the reason you're asking for it. If your problem with it is purely in the display of it, then yes... it's possible to do that.

The reason it doesn't currently exist, though, is because none of the requests for it so far are for that reason. They're all worried about the speed/limit factors associated with their PDA's Internet connection. The problem there is that suppressing display of the MOTD, as it is done by other IRC clients, does not keep the server from sending it. The latter is the real concern for those people. There's not currently any standard way to keep the server from sending the MOTD to the client, either.

I try to connect to some IRC server name and see "Unable to connect to server". What's wrong?

That message is displayed if a DNS lookup of the server name fails, or if it really can't establish a connection to the server for some reason. If you are specifying the IRC server by name, have you tried using its IP address instead? Some problems have been seen in the past with DNS lookups with Palm OS. This is exactly why IP addresses are provided for server names in the IRC server directory.

Why are @ characters stripped from shortcut commands or those in the perform list?

If you read the documentation on these features, you'd know that the @ character has a special meaning in those contexts. To get around the special meaning of that character, precede it with a backslash.

Palm OS (back to top)

I just bought a program from here. Why doesn't the registration code work?

Much more often than not, if your registration code is rejected by the software you've purchased it for, it's because there was an error in the HotSync® user name that you gave as part of registration. Check the user name in the registration email with the one on your device. The registration codes are generated and validated using the exact user name that is on the device, down to letter case and any punctuation. If there is a mismatch, use the code request form in the support area to get a replacement code.

If you've compared the two names and still can't find anything, there may be spaces or other invisible characters on either end of the user name (yes, there have been actual cases of that). If you can't see any difference, download RegAid™ (a free program from mindgear) and try the unambiguous (numeric) code it produces in the support area's code request form.

The RegAid code is NOT a valid registration code for any of the software here, so do not attempt to use it as one. It may be used with the code request form to get a matching registration code.

It is also possible that you could be entering the code incorrecly, but that is the only other reason that the code would be rejected. A Smittyware registration code consists of the digits 0-9 and letters A-F, no letters O or I or anything like that, with dashes to help readability. Those dashes do not need to be entered into the software for the code to work, but for some people it tends to help.

How do I install your software on my PDA? There's no installer program.

There's no installer program because I'm trying not to limit the Palm OS software to Windows users. The only files that are necessary to install on the PDA are the one or two PRC files in the zip file's main directory. There may be other PRC files in the package, but they are all optional, depending on your needs.

Since nearly all of the users with this problem are Windows users, though, here is a step-by-step explanation:

  1. Open the Quick Install tool that comes with Palm Desktop
  2. Add the PRC files you wish to install using that program
  3. Hotsync your PDA

I can't install your software, and I'm using Vista. Help?

Your problem has nothing to do with the software available on this site, and has everything to do with Vista. More specifically, it's a problem with Vista and older versions of Palm Desktop.

Make sure you've got the very latest version of Palm Desktop, downloading a beta version if you have to. If you have it and it doesn't work, and your PDA has a memory card slot, use a memory card and card reader to install. If that isn't a viable option, then take the issue up with Palm or the manufacturer of your PDA.

For more information, visit Palm's knowledge base.
A Google search can also turn up useful information.

Where do I enter the registration code?

In one particular screen of the application on your PDA, there is an Option menu that contains a choice called Register. This menu option will take you to a prompt to enter the code. The screen that this option is available on varies with the application:

  • upIRC - Startup screen (prompts for nick, server, etc.)
  • CacheMate - Record list view (New and sort order buttons)
  • Last One - Startup screen (with Options and Start buttons)

If you've just started up the application in question, and are utterly lost finding the "Register" option, try the following:

  • CacheMate - Tap the "Done" button in the lower left

Once you're at the particular screen for the program you're registering, take the following steps:

  1. Access the menu bar by tapping on the menu icon to the left of the Graffiti area or, in OS versions 3.5 and later, tap the title bar of the application in the top left of the screen.
  2. Tap Option to select the Option menu.
  3. Tap Register. A dialog box will appear prompting you for the registration code.
  4. Tap the field (dotted line) in the dialog to set focus on it.
  5. Enter the code and tap OK.

How do I upgrade to the latest version of a Palm OS program?

Simply download the latest version of the program and install it over what you have. Any exceptions to this "rule" will be spelled out in the appropriate documentation.

General (back to top)

What do I get when I register your software?

You get to support development of current and future Smittyware products. Okay, so that's only part of it.

Each registration fee that is paid entitles you to 5 registration codes, to remove trial restrictions that are built into shareware programs available on this site. Licensing is per-user, and the extra codes are really just a way to allow for hardware upgrades, which sometimes require a new Hotsync user name for Palm OS devices. Registration codes are based on those names, so a name change will result in an invalid code. After 5 years, a purchase expires and is no longer usable for additional codes. Registration codes are not refundable.

Additional codes may be requested using the code request form in the support area of the site.

Are upgrades free, or do I have to pay?

Once you have registered one of our products, you are entitled to free upgrades to newer versions of that product. Unless otherwise stated, the same registration code should remain valid. When that changes, you will be notified, and a method for obtaining a new registration will be provided free of charge.

Can I transfer a registration of the same program from one platform to another?

It depends. Between Windows Mobile editions, as long as the owner name is the same on both devices, the Smittyware ID will be the same and therefore the same registration code will work. In all other cases, if you haven't exhausted the 5 codes granted by a single registration and 5 years haven't passed since the order date, you may request a new code.

Currently, the only exception is with software purchased through the Google Android Market. Transfers are not allowed in that case because there are no registration codes involved. Also, apps that are only available in the Android Market cannot have older registrations transferred to them, for the same reason.

Will your PDA software work with my device?

Compare the program's requirements, specified on that program's page, to what you have (pay particular attention the operating system name and version). Next, check the "known issues" list for anything specifying your particular device. If your device satisfies the requirements and has no issues listed saying that it doesn't work, then no unsolved reports have come in saying that it doesn't work.

In the case of Windows Mobile, you will need to first determine what edition of that OS that you're using, and go from there.

What is a ZIP file? How do I use one?

If you're asking this question... more than you probably ever wanted to know

WinZip is actually preferred over PKZip around here, but what you use to deal with ZIP files is your own choice. Windows XP contains built-in support for that file format but, in order to use our software, you will need to extract all of the files before trying to access them. There have been issues in the past in cases where that wasn't done.

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