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upIRC (Palm OS)
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Software requirements

  • Handheld device running Palm OS® version 3.0 or later
  • Modem or some other sort of network connection (does not work with the Palm.Net® service on Palm™ VII/VIIx devices)

Upgrading from pre-3.0 versions

Version 3.00 marks the name change from apIRC to upIRC. If you are upgrading from version 2.31 or earlier, be sure to run upIRC immediately after installation. This will migrate any databases, preferences, and registrations to the new app and delete the old app from your device.

Getting started

Follow these steps to get started using upIRC:

  1. Run the Install Tool from your Palm™ Desktop directory.
  2. Click Add, and add the upIRC.prc file to your HotSync® list.
  3. (optional) Install the upirc_pdoc.pdb file, which is documentation in DOC database format. In order to read this file, you will need a reader capable of opening DOC files (such as CSpotRun or Palm Reader).
  4. HotSync your Palm OS handheld.
  5. Tap the upIRC icon on your handheld to start the program.
  6. Enter the nickname you wish to use and a server to which you want to connect. Several lists of servers are on the links page.
  7. Tap the Connect button to connect to the server.

If you're familiar with IRC, then you're all set! If not, check out the links page to find tutorials and primer documentation. Check out the rest of the documentation pages for information on things specific to upIRC.

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