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Cachemate (Pocket PC)
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Version 1.2.1 (and later) and Pocket PC 2002
For some reason, some change in 1.2.1 has made it suddenly incompatible with some, but apparently not all, Pocket PC 2002 devices (it crashes on startup, or doesn't start at all). Until the problem can be figured out, there are three choices if you're having this problem... 1) lend me your PDA so that I can see what's going on, 2) upgrade to Pocket PC 2003 if you can, or 3) use version 1.2.0 instead.

Misreporting of MS Bluetooth availability
CacheMate will sometimes mistakenly report that the MS Bluetooth GPS interface is available, even on devices that do not use the Microsoft Bluetooth stack. If you try it and it doesn't work, don't blame us... blame Microsoft for not providing definitive ways to check that their Bluetooth stack is installed.

There is another option to get Bluetooth working, though, if the MS Bluetooth plugin doesn't work for you. If the Broadcom option isn't available, configure and use the NMEA Serial plugin. It doesn't appear in lists of GPS interfaces by default... you have to go to its configuration screen to set the port and baud rate before it may be used.

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