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(Windows Smartphone)
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Unable to select file to open when only one file in list
This is a problem with the file open dialog, which was actually developed by someone else. A bug report has been submitted regarding this problem, but until a fix is available there is a fairly simple workaround... add a directory where you copy files to be imported, or select "All Files" from the type selector. This will add at least one more entry to the list, and allow file selection.

Multi-line edit controls and WM6 devices
There seems to be a bug in WM6 Standard when it comes to managing control focus in dialogs that contain multi-line edit controls. You can't change focus from a control of that type to the one below it, but changing focus in the other direction (bottom to top) does work. If there were a known way in software to get around the bug, you wouldn't be experiencing it. As it stands, though, there isn't.

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